Kelly J. Sage, Navy

Quick Facts

  • Service BranchNavy
  • HometownOmaha
  • Home CountyDouglas County

Kelly Jo Sage was born May 29, 1950 in the Bloomfield Hospital in Nebraska. He weighed 7 1/2 pounds with blond curly hair. He was the third son of Ernest and Eunice [Cornish] Sage.

Kelly Jo attended country school until the 5th grade then he attended Niobrara Public School where He played football and rode his motorcycle everywhere. Coach Jones told of how Kelly Jo was going to take Greg’s place on the team even if Kelly Jo was about 100 pounds soaking wet and Greg was 175 pounds. He loved to compete against brother, Greg. Several months after graduating in 1968 he joined the Navy and attended San Diego Naval School.

His first leave was March of 1969 when he returned to Niobrara. What a joy it was for him to come home and the whole family was together for the first time in 4 years since big brother Gary had left for the Navy. He enjoyed the time back on the farm for the two weeks especially riding his motorcycle, visiting with his friends, teasing his little brother, Doug, and milking the cows. Grandma and Grandpa Cornish were a favorite so all of the boys spent a lot of time there.

While Kelly was at San Diego Naval School, he asked to be onboard Evans as the 3 brothers were very close and Kelly Jo just wanted to be with them. I think he missed being with them after they left home and he wanted to be with them in the Navy. It was a blessing for them to be together but in the end, it was the saddest to lose all 3 of the brothers.

Ernest Sage was never the same after 3 June 1969. Eunice Sage was stronger with God and knew she would see them again.

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