Opportunities for Support

The mission and purpose of the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is to develop, erect and maintain a memorial to honor all Veterans who served during the Vietnam War and to further provide a lasting historic educational account for future generations.

Below are ways you or your organization can support our mission and purpose. Cash donations are tax deductible.

Please contact George Abbott, Project Representative at to discuss available sponsorship and naming opportunities.

Please send cash or check by mail to address:

7914 West Dodge Rd #446 Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Sponsorship & Naming Opportunities

Sponsorship and Naming Opportunities allow the donor’s gift to support the development of the Nebraska Vietnam Veteran Memorial and to recognize donor’s loved one or their organization/business.

Monetary Gifts & Donations

Monetary gifts and donations provide assistance for a variety of needs, including construction, material, and administrative costs for the NVVM project.

Bequest & Legacy Giving

A Bequest is a legacy donation from an estate, life insurance policy, stock shares, or investment vehicles that will provide general support for the foundation; or for a specific designated purpose of your choice.


Thanks to all our Partners