Gary L. Sage, Navy

Quick Facts

  • Service BranchNavy
  • HometownOmaha
  • Home CountyDouglas County

Gary Loren Sage was born on Friday November 15, 1946 in Bloomfield, Nebraska to Ernest and Eunice [Cornish] Sage.

He was the first-born son to Ernest and Eunice and weighed 8 pounds, nineteen inches long with blue eyes and light brown hair. In Niobrara High School he enjoyed music, class plays, and watching his brother- Greg- play football. He graduated in May of 1965. On the farm he was a very big help to his mother as in helping watch his brothers, cooking, and milking cows. His dream was to go into dairy business after the Navy.

After graduation he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska for several months before enlisting into the Navy on March 8, 1966. His first training was in Great Lakes Naval School and then he was on the USS Merrick AKA. 97 before transferring to the USS Frank E. Evans DD 754. Gary lived with his brother Greg and wife Linda for 6 months before coming home on their last leave to Niobrara, Nebraska.

While living with Greg, Linda, and Allan, Gary was a wonderful babysitter, a good cook, and helper at the house. He also taught Linda a lot about cooking.

Gary was a happy young man and got along with everyone. He loved his family and brothers very much, especially his youngest brother, Doug, who was 6 years old when Gary left for the last time.

Gary was 22 years and 6 months old when his ship, the USS Frank E Evans was cut in half and 74 young sailors were lost in the South China Sea on June 3, 1969. His death left a big hole in everyone’s heart especially his parents.

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