Garry B. Hodgson, Navy

As the story goes Garry completed his first enlistment 1954 to 1960. He left the Navy and went to Nebraska. His sister thinks, but is not 100% certain he went to Nebraska with his cousin, as you can see by the article, he had a little too much fun in Beatrice. We believe the judge gave Garry an ultimatum, jail time and a heavy fine or go back into the Navy, we believe he selected the alternative and went back into the service this must be how we got his home of record as Beatrice, Nebraska. His reenlistment must have bridged his time and rank because he was promoted to E-6, Radarman first class in 1963. We have a couple members who were onboard with Garry in 1963, he was the Training Radarman Petty Officer.

In 1966 Garry was in a traffic accident in Long Beach, California. He actually was a passenger in the car when it was hit. All 4 sailors exited the car and Garry was hit by another car and injured severely. His recovery took months so he was transferred to USS Haven AH12 for temporary duty until he fully recovered. Garry received non-judicial punishment and reduced in rate to E-5. He was then transferred back to USS Frank E. Evans.

~ Written by Steve Kraus


Quick Facts

  • Service BranchNavy
  • HometownOmaha
  • Home CountyDouglas County

Newpaper Article

Newspaper article that confirms Garry was in Nebraska when he reenlisted in January 1960

Garry Hodgson

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