George Abbott,
Secretary/Treasurer, NVVMF

Born and raised in Vermont, George enlisted in the Naval Reserves in 1964. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1967. After completion of officer candidate school, he also attended EOD Underwater Swimmers/Chemical & Biological Warfare Schools and was deployed to WESTPAC to serve on the USS Lofberg (DD 759). George served as First Lt. and Gunnery Officer supporting H&I/shore bombardment operations. He was honorably discharged in late 1969 and became an at large life member of VVA at that time.

"As my office of record while in Vietnam was Vermont, I have been thankful to have been remembered in their Vietnam Memorial and have been motivated by this to see that Nebraska Vietnam veterans are so remembered.  It is an honor to work with all of our sponsors on this exciting and meaningful project."

George Abbott,

Secretary/Treasurer, NVVMF


Quick Facts

  • Service BranchNavy
  • HometownOmaha
  • Home CountyDouglas County


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