Tom Kimmet,
Board Member, NVVMF

Tom Kimmet was born and raised in Sunburst Montana on a family farm. At age 18, he joined the United States Air Force and served for 21 years until retirement. He then joined the Civil Service and remained for almost 16 years. During these 37 years, Tom worked as an aircraft mechanic, maintenance training instructor and quality assurance inspector. He did sheet metal fabrication and painting the last few years of his career.

Tom is a life member of the VFW, American Legion, and Disabled American Veterans (DAV). In the DAV he has held multiple positions from 1994 to the present. The DAV is a volunteer position that occupies 25 hours a week, or more, of his time. Tom believes volunteering is important because it allows him to give back and help veterans with financial, emotional, and necessary daily needs.

In the DAV, he currently holds the position of department service officer. This means he can file benefit claims for disabled veterans and their dependents. This position is an outreach position that requires travel all over the states of Nebraska and Iowa.

Tom has been on the Sarpy County Veterans Service Board for the past five years and he has been asked to continue in this valuable role.

Tom recently helped restore an 8th Calvary helicopter that was an aircraft used in Vietnam during the war. His team was able to locate five members of the original crew that operated that specific helicopter and reunite them with their aircraft after 50 plus years.

My life as a military member taught me about the pain and mistreatment that our brothers and sisters experienced before, during and after their service in Vietnam. We can try to right the wrong that was done by showing our resolve to hold them in high regard and to give them the respect they all deserved then and now. To welcome them home the right way with a memorial they can be proud of, and ensure that their experiences are never repeated in the future.

Tom Kimmet,

Board Member, NVVMF


Quick Facts

  • Service BranchAir Force
  • HometownSunburst
  • Home CountyToole County


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